Weather to convert the loft

A frequently asked question from our customers who are looking for London loft conversions is “when is the best time of the year to carry out a loft conversion; should we wait until the summer?”  Our answer is always that the work can be carried out during any season to suit client circumstances.

All London roof extensions for terraced houses and semi-detached houses can be effectively weather protected using large tarpaulins which completely cover openings. These are securely tied down using the eyelets or with timber battens fixed to the building. In windy weather they do have a tendency to flap which can be quite noisy but they are effective in keeping the rain out. However, no builder can guarantee that there will be absolutely no water ingress but it can be contained and controlled. The most vulnerable stage of a loft conversion in London is when the roof slope  is removed for the construction of the dormer roof extension. Once the frame work is erected temporary weather proofing with plastic sheeting or tarpaulins can be used to weather seal the window openings.  With the installation of the flat roof deck the first layer of roofing felt is applied to the plywood making the area underneath watertight.

For those customers carrying loft conversion in London that require peace of mind and particularly for conversions to detached houses where a complete new roof is being constructed a “tin-hat” roof is recommended. These are corrugated sheet metal roofs fixed to the scaffold with plastic sheeting wrapped all the way round completely covering the building. This is an all weather scaffold which fully protects the building and the work force allowing them to continue working during the worst of weather conditions but they do incur an additional cost.

We would agree that the summer months can be preferable but no industry or business can afford to shut up shop for half the year. The timing of the build is largely dependent on the need for the work to be done such as the arrival of a baby.  The weather does seem to becoming more extreme and we have to be more responsive and alert to the forecast on a daily basis.  We have heard it by our fitters that they prefer the cooler months as the temperature during the summer can cause fatigue and de-hydration. Whatever time of the year that work is carried out for your loft conversion in north London, south London, west London, or East London, we are mindful of the fact that the work is going on directly around customers  and all necessary precautions need to be taken to allow home life to continue as normal as possible.


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