Loft Conversions London – Why Convert a Loft?

How often on average do you go up to your loft? Perhaps it is a world of dusty old books, toys, and Christmas decorations, a dead space in your house.

Lofts have near unlimited potential when it comes to conversions, from an extra bedroom, to a luxury bathroom, turn that wasted space into a usable one that can add value to your property. Apart from costing less on average than a standard ground floor extension, loft conversions use the available space that is already in your house.

So what could you use that new available space for? Here is a list of potential ideas and common designs for attic conversions:

  • New master or guest bedroom
  • New bedroom with en-suite
  • Bathroom
  • Living room/Den
  • Office/Study
  • Playroom

Guest bedrooms and bathrooms are very common, and with a rise in people working from home, home offices are being requested in ever greater numbers. Loft conversions are especially great for young families who can’t afford to make that move to a bigger house, an extra room gives that additional space that’s desperately required for a growing household. All loft extensions that we undertake are based on the needs of our clients.

Converting your loft can be a perfect upgrade to your house, creating a functional new space and a new look for your house. Modern Attics has years of professional experience in building loft conversions in all areas of London. To learn more about how we could help you refresh your home, please contact us on 020 7254 5222, or email us at info@Modern

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