Property values and attic conversion ideas Part 2

In the previous blog we explored the different types of attic conversion ideas available to a homeowner or landlord planning to expand or extend their property.

In this follow-up we thought we would explore this further and give you some more advice on what can be achieved through attic conversions.  It all depends on what is achievable with the space you have and what exactly it is you are looking to convert it into.

For example, a basic storage solution can often be done literally within a few days. If it is a simple conversion like this that you want to have implemented it can still boost the value of your property with no more than an investment of £1000 to install joists, a new hatch, new lighting and a loft ladder.

So what of specific conversion ideas?

Generally speaking, for a full-scale and professionally designed & built attic conversion, the cost can fall anywhere between £15,000 and £40,000.

1.   Small attic conversion projects that include the use and application of joists, roof lights and staircases plus insulation, plaster-board and electrical fixing are very common attic conversions in London. This is primarily due to the fact that some properties do not have that much significant space up there to create something more substantial.

2.   Medium attic conversions often incorporate the same elements that a small conversion does. However, they are larger in scale and therefore in price too. These are often priced at above £18,000.

3.   Large attic conversions are where we see the more substantial rooms created including potential new rooms such as bedroom, den, playroom, bathroom, bedroom with en suite, lounge/living area, etc.  Expect large attic conversions to cost upwards of £25,000.

Consider the following as important options available for any or all conversion types, some are even mandatory necessities.

  • Loft stairs (essential for fire safety)
  • Roof lights (achieve natural light and open up the space
  • Dormers (again another aspect of fire safety)

It is crucial to discuss your particular attic conversion with the company you hired. There are always variables for each conversion that need to be taken into account including budget, headroom, plumbing, structural stability and many other factors.

These aspects of the loft conversion process can have major effects on the planning and development stage. We shall take you through these aspects in the next blog to help you get better clarity of the problems.

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